New England has a long history of producing some of the most influential metal acts in modern metal. It has become a hotbed for bands hoping to follow in the footsteps of those that came before them, only to find themselves lost in a sea of other groups that have difficulty differentiating themselves from their talented local brethren. This is not the case for Death Rattle, who followed up the release of their seminal album "Volition" with multiple tours overseas in combination with a busy US touring schedule. Supported by strong streaming numbers on all of their digital platforms, the band received critical acclaim from many different sources. Katarina McGinn of 'Dead Rhetoric' wrote, "Death Rattle seize the moment with pure adrenaline from start to finish on Volition, even if it does occasionally lean somewhat heavily on familiar acts. If energy and groove is what you want, Death Rattle has it covered in a way that's entertaining and punishing."

Reconstituted in 2016, founding members Ryan Vanderwolk (guitar) and Chris Morin (drums) alongside longtime bassist Kevin Adams brought Trey Holton (vocalist) into the fold. Death Rattle marries elements of groove metal and melodic passages to produce something aggressive and unique. There is an undercurrent of the corrupting nature of power that flavors the lyrical storytelling as the band pairs the violent nature of humanity with the tension and catharsis created by their music. They have proven themselves to be a group of artists that can craft something that resonates with metal fans worldwide and deliver a live show to captivate any audience.

The elements that make Death Rattle such a special band, their passionate delivery, technical performance, and intensity, are apparent all throughout the record. They are also showcased brilliantly in the live show where Death Rattle truly sets themselves apart, connecting with every audience in every city in a way that is almost unmatched. Critics agree, as Metal Temple wrote of the album, "The inferno of intense riffs of "Love and War" (that shows very good tempos), the massive outburst of energy that comes from "Sentenced to Hell", the catchy tempos of "Snake in the Grass", the raw fury shown on the musical arrangements of "Adrenalize", the shrapnel of riffs shown on "Order Within Chaos", and the excellent work from bass guitar and drums on "Doomsday" are the best moments of the album. But I believe that the listeners will love all of the songs. "Volition" is a very good work, indeed."

Following Adams' departure to pursue other music endeavors, Holton, Vanderwolk, and Morin persevered through the COVID-19 pandemic that plagued the music industry for a two-year span. They emerged on the other side with a new vision. Working with session bassist Rod Lopez, the three set to work on pre-production for their follow up LP. They used the impact and power of "Volition" and injected all of the raw emotion and isolation they felt during the pandemic to fuel the message behind the new songs. Trey said of the new album, "I think with 'Volition' we felt like we found a direction and with this new album we really found our voice as a band. The songwriting involved everyone, from the musicians to the engineers and producers, and we toiled over every second of each tune to make them all individual works of art."

Armed with the songs for the new LP, the trio enlisted the help of engineer Kevin Billingslea (Halo Studios) and producer Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios) to complete their vision. The album promises to build on the heavy foundation the group has already put down with "Volition" with more blistering riffs and inspirational melodies. The lyrics and vocal delivery perfectly merge both beauty and malevolence as only Death Rattle can do.

"What we tried to do with this album was to capture everything that the world was dealing with in isolation. The vast loneliness, the fear, the despair, and sometimes, the hope. We crafted each song as a snapshot of a visceral moment of the past three years and we poured it out in the audio. It means a great deal to all of us and we hope it will be an emotional outlet for all Death Rattle fans, old and new, when it comes out. We really love what we have created," Holton said. With their fans anxiously awaiting its release, Death Rattle is poised to take the metal world by storm in the coming years, one live show at a time.